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Endless Legends At EMR Event Park

After a few days to relax, and get some well deserved rest. I think a little write up is in order.



Endless Legends. The start of something great. When people hear the name “Living Legends” they instantly think of the amazing events held at CPX every year. Endless Legends is the start of an entirely new series of events held every year at the epic EMR Paintball Park. If you have never been to EMR before, where the hell have you been? The original birth place to the Castle



Conquest. EMR has been a staple of the paintball world for many years. 



I can’t speak for players, other vendors, or anyone else. But the OCD Paintball crew had a blast. EMR never fails to excite and bring something fun to the table. Throughout the entire weekend I heard zero complaints from anyone. Everyone was having a good time and enjoying a beautiful weekend of paintball. We can’t wait for the next one.






Just a few thanks to people who made the event so fantastic. The CPX Events crew, and the EMR Crew. Huge thank you for allowing us to be there. Thank you to all the players who stopped by the booth. Without any of you, we wouldn’t be able to continue this adventure. A big thank you to Jay and his food setup.. Without you, we may of been stuck with garbage food all weekend. Thank you to Simon and Brian from Inception Designs for allowing us to crash your fire, as well as a huge thank you to Ralph Rj Torrell for supplying and cooking some amazing seafood for us. 



Same thank you goes to all the bunk houses we wandered into. EMR really is a family and it will always be one out of favorites. Lastly We want to thank Timmy. Without you, most of this wouldn’t be what it is. So thank you brother. 



Thank you to everyone else we may of missed, and see you all next event! 





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